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VPS and Function of VPS

VPS is a server that is divided into multiple VMs (Virtual Machines), where in each VM is a form of "virtual server" that can install the operating system itself. VPS feels like a Dedicated Server.

Advantages compared to shared hosting VPS is, with VPS you get a more definitive resource, either CPU, Memory, and spacenya. So it is not disturbed if there is a problem on the website. Also getting root access so that more flexibility in customizing the server as needed. Dedicated Server than VPS among other VPS is more flexible. You only need to pay the resource you need, later if the need more, you can be upgraded step by step.

Confused? So, basically like this, you know what is hosting? if you do not know first ask Google, but I am sure people - people who read this article already know what it is hosting.

Furthermore, what you get when you hire a hosting for your website? If you buy a shared hosting, you will gain access to cPanel to manage your website instead? such as uploading your web pages, upload the database, create sub domains, save the file - your file ,etc.

Well, now it ever occurred to you, with so many people who rent shared hosting, how to divide each - each user with each - each access cPanelnya? There the main uses ofVPS, VPS can be used to divide shared hosting.

Not only there, VPS resource is much larger than shared hosting and its use was much more free when compared with the shared hosting, for more details, maybe I will make a list of what the usefulness of VPS, cekidott!

Usefulness of VPS :

As I have explained above, VPS is the main utility for hosting websites, aimed for people who need a lot of resources on his website.


Well, here is one utility that is commonly used by the Phreakers, tunneling is actually just a pathway to manage VPS, especially VPS using OS Linux, but with the features of port forwarding, tunneling can be used to access the Internet using a connection VPS belongs we.

Leech Torrent
VPS can also be used for leecher files - files in the torrent as the average - average connection speed VPS can reach tens MB per second making it easier for us retrieve files - files in the torrent.


Virtual Private Network, almost the same as tunneling, but the path encryption and methods are different, VPNs are easier to use, but the installation is a bit complicated.

Proxies can also be created in the VPS, but not many are using a VPS to proxy for VPN Tunneling and much easier to use, proxy role is almost the same as the VPN and Tunneling, IP masking using our VPS servers.

Forex Trading
End - the end being intensively - incessant trading in Forex and VPS are things that must be owned by a trader, especially VPS with the Windows operating system to run a bot for 24 hours non-stop.

Encoding Video
VPS can also be used to encode the video, because video encode it usually takes a long time, VPS become piliha because it can light up continuously for 24 hours, even 1 full month if the server is capable of.

There are many more uses of VPS, here I only mention commonly used alone.